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French Classes for Kids in Melbourne
French Classes for Kids in Melbourne

C., 2023:

My daughter and I have enjoyed your classes so much - such a great balance of fun, expression and a bit of structure!  


N., 2023:

Thank you so so so much for another fabulous, fantastic and fun year of French!


K., 2023:

Thank you for providing us with so much laughter and fun whilst learning a beautiful language! We appreciate all your efforts!


L., 2023:

My daughter loves coming to your classes! Thank you!!


S., 2023:

Thank you so much for your wonderful French classes, they are an absolute joy to attend and my son is always looking forward to them! We can’t wait for 2024 and to start class again!


R., 2023:

Thanks so much for organizing your wonderful French playgroup! My son had a great time in the class this year! Your lovely content and inspiring handcraft activities evoked my son’s great interest in French learning.


K. and A., 2022

Thank you for such a wonderful experience learning French. You have made it so very simple and made the classes not only informative, interactive, but very fun. We enjoyed every bit. We look forward to continuing in 2023. 

B. and H., 2022

Thank you for your fabulous French class. We really appreciate all your effort. 

R. and V., 2022

Thanks so much for holding this wonderful  French playgroup. Little V. loves you and your class very much. Because of you, he had a really great start of French learning. 

N. and F., 2022

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and friend. We love coming to French class each week and love your creative and fun approach to learning.

Nida, 2021

I’d like to thank you for everything that you’ve done for Florence. You’re such an amazing teacher, professional and kind. We always have warm hospitality from you and it’s really appreciated to join you preschool sessions. I wish you all the best for everything and hopefully we can come back to you in the near future. 


Chloe, 2020

My daughter started weekly sessions at Les Petits Écoliers when she was 3 and loves it! The native-French teacher Laurence has a warm way of bringing the French language to life for small children. Classes are well-structured and vibrant, full of songs, games, questions and answers, toys and surprises. This hasn’t stopped in 2020 with Zoom-based classes. Laurence is wonderful at keeping the children’s attention, frequently engaging with each child by name, brightly assisting them as they respond, and praising their efforts. Children are encouraged to have a go in a safe atmosphere, and they build up their confidence whilst having fun doing educational games. Class sizes are small and the individual attention is marvellous. My daughter loves attending, and also doing her activity book where she keeps French-labelled arts and crafts related to the session themes, and lyrics to French songs learned in class. She loves to sing the songs out of class too, which Laurence sends internet links for, along with other online resources for that week’s theme. I highly recommend Les Petits Écoliers classes!


Chandni, 2020

Returning to Melbourne after spending 18 months in Paris, we were keen for our son, who is 5 years old, to continue his French language journey and Les Petits Ecoliers could not have been a better place for us! Due to COVID-19, our most convenient option was to join Laurence's online classes. Laurence is an exceptional teacher! She keeps her students engaged throughout the entire class, despite it being virtual. Introducing new themes, songs and stories, Laurence creates a wonderful learning atmosphere for her students. Laurence also takes the time to provide additional resources and worksheets each week for students to work on in their own time to help embed what has been taught in class. My son looks forward to his weekly classes with Laurence and it has been so heartening to see him continue his French in such a positive way. Merci beaucoup Laurence! Vous êtes formidable!

Sally, 2019

Laurence is a wonderful teacher, she engages parents/carers and of course children of all ages. I have been fortunate enough to witness my 5 year old daughter grow in confidence as she learns French through stories, fun group activities, songs, games, craft, morning tea and outdoor playtime. In addition to my daughter, I have also improved my French along the way and can confidently say my 13 month old has also loved it. I believe this has been an invaluable experience in preparing my daughter to attend a bilingual French school next year. We can’t thank you enough Laurence you are truly a great French teacher!

Daniel and Chelsea, 2019

" Laurence is a kind, attentive teacher that makes sure to include every child in activities. Her lessons are organised and engaging, and encourage enthusiasm about the French language. My daughter absolutely loved her and I think this was in no small reason because of the way Laurence was able to draw her into her fun, educational games. Most lessons start with circle time, before moving on to crafts, morning tea, outdoor play, and finishing with more circle time. It is clear that Laurence puts a lot of thought into each session, and that she makes sure that lessons cater for both native and non French speaking backgrounds. If you are looking for a fun way to get your child into French, Laurence's classes are a terrific start! "

Anne Maree, 2019

" My daughter attended Les Petits Ecoliers as a 4 year old and my only regret is that we didn’t start earlier. We have both thoroughly enjoyed attending French lessons on Monday mornings and now that my daughter has started school we will miss those lessons dearly. 

It is clear that Laurence put an enormous amount of time and effort into preparing for each class and this was very much appreciated by children and parents alike. My daughter particularly looked forward to the craft sessions which were often tailored to various special dates / events throughout the year (Mothers’ Day, Easter, etc). I believe that by attending Laurence’s class my daughter has gained an appreciation of another language and culture that she would not have otherwise obtained at this early stage of her life. I understand that the benefits for children of learning another language at an early age are wide reaching and include improved cognitive development and enhanced general literacy skills. Laurence’s class provided my daughter with a  solid foundation of these skills upon which I hope to build and develop. 
Thank you Laurence for a lovely learning experience! "

Renvia, 2018

" Laurence is a wonderful teacher introducing French to the little ones.  She is dedicated and passionate, and she puts in a great preparation to ensure the class runs smoothly and enjoyable for the kids whose attention span is usually short.  Every class offers many different activities with a specific theme to engage the children in their learning.  It can be challenging to keep the kids interested especially if they have never heard French before.  My daughter attended Laurence’s program for 2 years and she is now continuing at Alliance Francaise.  Merci beaucoup Laurence for creating in my daughter a love to learn French. "


Kate, 2018

" My two children have loved attending Les Petits Ecoliers for a number of years. Laurence puts so much effort and preparation into each class, with craft activities, games, books and songs to go along with the theme each week.  My children especially enjoy the music and songs and we enjoy singing the songs we learn each week at home. Laurence engages children of all ages and they respond to her kind and patient nature. It is wonderful to have a teacher who is so passionate about teaching young children French!​ "

Vicky, 2017

" We are a non French speaking family and our daughter has been attending the French playgroup for a year. She has a great time, Laurence the educator is awesome with amazingly creative activities for the kids to enjoy. My daughter often surprises me with the French words and phrases that she has picked up without any prompting from us. The immersion means that she is learning the language without even realising it. "

Tamara, 2016

" I really appreciate the time and thought Laurence the teacher obviously put into planning the classes - we thoroughly enjoyed them and found them so engaging.  Our daughter had such a positive experience in the classes and loves to show off her French counting and words. I was particularly impressed at the teacher's ability to engage a group of multi-aged children in a different language! "

Nathalie, 2016

" Mon fils a beaucoup aimé Les petits écoliers. C'était bien pour lui d'entendre une autre personne lui parler en français. Il a adoré chanter et jouer avec le professeur. "

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