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Research has shown that early childhood is the best time to learn a new language.

 We provide onsite and online French classes for children from 2.5 years old in Melbourne.


I have worked in the education field for many years and I am passionate about learning! I believe the most effective way for children to learn a new language is through immersion, where the lessons are entirely in French, and for this reason the class is open to children with varying levels of French.


Since we arrived in Australia with my family, it has been crucial to maintain the level of French of my three children. The best way to succeed is to keep them exposed to the language! That’s why these classes cater for other families in Melbourne who would like to encourage their child/children to speak and learn French and also to foster a community and encourage the children in making friendships.


In addition, the lessons are structured in a way which develops the acquisition of many abilities well beyond French, like socialisation, literacy, numeracy, motor skills.


Further information about our program can be found here


Join our class (or waitlist) by emailing or click on enquire below. 


We look forward to welcoming your family at Les Petits Écoliers!


Les Petits Ecoliers

  • Online and onsite classes are available 

  • Onsite classes are Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings in Camberwell

  • Native French speaking teacher

  • Number of sessions per term based on school term

  • Interact in French with other children

  • Play games, activities, songs in French

We cover topics such as: greetings, food, weather, animals, numbers, my house, my family, colours, introducing yourself, everyday objects, and much more...


When it comes to learning a language, research shows the earlier you start, the better it come along and join us today!

French Classes for Kids in Melbourne

French Immersion Classes for

Pre-Schoolers & School-Aged Kids

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